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Let’s Know More About Ceramic Ladle.

Saffroshine Ceramics Pvt.Ltd. Is into manufacturing of ceramic Ladles which are specially designed for casting industries. Ceramic ladles can be used both in Investment casting and Precision Sand casting to replace conventional inconsistent pouring methods.

Why Use Ladle ?

excellent thermal stability for consistent pouring

Saffroshine Organic aims to ensure the customer's needs and requirements are met at every front. The organization also aims at promoting the customer's interests above theirs, to maintain a synergy that could last a lifetime.

Advantages over old conventional pouring

Despite the lower resistance to mechanical impacts when compared to metallic ladles, ladles made of ceramic composite materials continue to gain importance as they provide the following benefits:

  • Its Bottom pouring design restricts slag and other impurities
  • Excellent thermal stability which helps reduce cold shut on castings
  • Its standard design improves the pouring process
  • Low own weight thus hassle-free pouring

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Saffroshine operates a management system and confirm three years of validity