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Established in 1992 Saffroshine Organics is the leading specialist in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of investment casting wax materials and technical services to foundries worldwide. operating from Manufacturing site in the India & exporting to global markets. The level of industry competition pushed us to deliver a superior, quality product and service.

Saffroshine also follows controlled procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality, consistency, and accuracy and is achieved with the help of innovative technologies. As the name goes, the organization has also taken necessary steps to ensure that every product manufactured at the plant is met with strict environmental standards while keeping the quality intact.

Saffroshine offers full support to the investment casting industry and is an active member of the following key organisations –


What Makes Us Different

  • Faithfulness

  • Consistency &

  • Cost-competitive

We upgrade and invest our time to get the best possible performance for our customers and support them until the new development is working smoothly in the customers application. through out the company we share the commitment to constantly provide products of high performance and reliable quality to our customers.

Our Vision

To push the quality standards above the achievable ones and to pursue excellence in all our efforts and focus on supplying the most effective materials and services for producing wax patterns and assemblies for the global investment casting market.

While keeping the environment & cost in mind to promote a healthy ecosystem of competitiveness, Saffroshine operates under ISO 9001 quality management system and has a total commitment to quality, continuity and sustainability of supply. 

"Combining quality & expertise in supplying the perfect wax blends since the last 26 years".

Saffroshine Organics aims to ensure that the customer's needs and requirements are met at every front. The organization also aims at promoting the customer's interests above theirs, to maintain a synergy that could last a lifetime.

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